Whoever is adventurous, young, and female with an entrepreneurial spirit for technical innovation, should participate at the business idea competition called WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN EUROPE, which is an alliance between Siemens and IE Business School.

Why did Siemens collaborate with IE to launch this business case competition where they look for young women, who are able to generate technical business ideas and opportunities?

IEs core values embrace both: entrepreneurial spirit and a strong commitment to supporting women in their transition to senior management and leadership positions. In both aspects, entrepreneurship and women leadership, IE Business School has already gained an international reference.

Siemens reputation is also built on its technological excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality.

So this joint project by IE and Siemens is the perfect alliance to promote successful entrepreneurship among young women with technical training in Europe. The goals are designed to promote scientific-driven innovation, boost young women’s ambition, and build entrepreneurial and constructive attitudes among European youth in order to create new growth opportunities.

The entire contest is about finding IDEAS – to find out more about it, have a look on the website:  – there you can find out more about the rules, participants and all other details you might like to know!

But it a nutshell: Submit your business idea project in a video of 3 minutes until MID-MAY!