On the 30th March 2012, for the second consecutive year, IE attended the Days of Opportunities Fair at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. The fair was attended by ambitious Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonian Economics Undergraduate students, some of the very best from the Baltic region.

This was in fact, IE´s second trip to Riga this March, following Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli´s Master Class titled “Nike and Adidas: communication strategies for major sports events” at SSE on the 22nd March. It was a pleasure to attend the fair and meet such able and talented students. Unsurprisingly many were still uncertain about the career path that they should take, but it was clear that there was strong interest in management, entrepreneurship, finance and law. Who knows what lies ahead for the students at SSE!

I would like to thank both SSE students Jekaterina Fjodorva and Paulius Lingys, for making me feel so welcome in Riga and at the fair. Their support was hugely appreciated.

Kim Goddard