In collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, IE, and one of our top professors Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli, leader in the field of Sports Management at IE Business School will be holding a Master Class titled “Nike and Adidas: communication strategies for major sports events” on Thursday, March 22nd.

The Master Class: This Master Class will focus on how communication strategies used by Nike and Adidas in major sports events have similarities and differences even when both companies are targeting the same segments. Through the analysis of major soccer events, we will analyze the way in which two major sport brands communicate their messages and project their intended position in the sport market. We will also review what is behind advertising as a crucial communication tool. This presentation will be lead by Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli, whose lectures follow the dynamic and innovative learning environment which we promote in all of our programs.

The Professor: The three years he spent working as marketing manager for the Basketball Section at Real Madrid, Europe’s most successful football club, had a profound effect on Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli’s thinking as a marketing professor and teacher of the Sports Marketing Elective at IE. Prof Fernández-Cantelli believes that his work on sports marketing has broader implications for the corporate world. “I bring insights into sports marketing, sponsorships and promotions,” he says. “But these areas are certainly applicable to other areas of business.”
If you are interested in attending, please register at within the Europe tab.

Kim Goddard