This spring is going to be a busy one for IE in Italy.

On February 29th, IE will be present at the PWA (Professional Women’s Association) event called “Ready for Board Women” (more info here). The project “Ready for Board Women”, is focused on eliminating the most frequent excuse used to justify the scarcity of women on boards in Italy, and the glacial speed of change: “there are not enough qualified women, with the experience and skills required to sit on a board”.

During the event, the advisory board will identify the “Ready for Board” women, and later on a panel will discuss the topic, “Engaging Men”. IE will be represented on this panel by María Eugenia Girón, who brings a view and Board experience. Find more on María Eugenia here.

On March 30th we’ll replicate the practical cooking experience we had some months ago, mixing Alumni, CEOs and HR directors. This time we’ll make it even bigger. We are estimating an attendance of around 70 CEOs and HR directors from big Italian firms. It’ll be a good opportunity for networking and a fun and effective way to tighten IE’s ties with the Italian corporate world.

In April and May more events will follow: one dedicated to lawyers (organized in cooperation with “Scuola Superiore di Avvocatura”) and another targeted to Architects (a joint effort with Consiglio Nazionale Architetti). Both of these will be series of events, replicated in several cities.

Stay tuned for more information!