On January 11th IE hosted a group of 30 students from Nova University in Lisbon. They come to Madrid each year to visit important companies and be close to the market. It was their third visit at the IE Campus! Nora and I organized for them a Campus Tour, a cocktail with current students from Portugal, but the star of the program was a Creativity and Innovation workshop run by Professor Hana Milanov.

Hana joined IE’s Entrepreneurship Faculty in 2007 upon finishing her doctoral studies in Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Her research bridges these two disciplines through a special interest in social networks. Relying on a diverse set of teaching resources, she encourages a discussion-based learning experience with the final goal of developing students’ critical skills and new perspectives on the course material. The students, along with their tutor, Daniel Traça, greatly enjoyed the session! Taking them out from their natural environment let them discover their hidden potential and stimulated them a lot!

Thank you so much for your amazing workshop! It was a really valuable experience  You really make the difference on the way I see things, and on the way I look to new problems and challenges. I am much more creative/innovative than I thought. I will keep developing it, because nowadays being innovative is definitely a key success factor in our lives (not just at work)!, wrote Tiago after coming back to Lisbon.

 Thank you! Receiving such a note is the best gratification you can ever get!