In October, a group of IE Alumni shared a “practical cooking” experience with CEOs and HR Directors at “Academia Barilla”, fully sponsored by IE.

Invited guests were from companies such as Kellog, Monster, Bosch, Ducati, Carter and Benson, Nike and Barclays among others.

Prior to the event the alumni spent some time discussing new opportunities to reinforce the Italian chapter.

After that we had an introductory cocktail, followed by the real practical cooking: tutored by two chefs and a Master chef, we split up in two groups to prepare a full menu, which we finally had for dinner (and yes, we survived!).

It was great to get to know better one another in an informal setting, in a literally “hands on” experience, which also gave the chance to network with renowned professionals outside of IE Alumni club.

We came out of it with fanstatic cook hats and aprons, enriched by the experience!