IE country representatives take part in a team building activity during their annual meeting last week.

Members of IE´s Europe and CIS team enjoy lunch at Intercontinental Restaurant in Madrid.

What happens when you mix more than 50 people from all over the world, representatives of 31 nationalities, in hot and sunny Madrid, and train them in innovation, entrepreneurship and teambuilding? Well, we, from the IE International Development team, can tell you: “An explosion of ideas, projects and fun. Lots of fun!!”

This is what we experienced last week during IE’s International Development Annual meeting, a weeklong event in which 30 IE representatives from around the world gathered to review the results of the past years activities, plan the future ones and, most important of all, to discuss new trends and challenges in higher education.

All these efforts were to make sure IE will still deliver the most up-to-date, innovative and entrepreneurial courses in the world. In a way, the Annual Meeting is a miniature version of IE’s programs:  In-depth and intellectually challenging discussions, exchange of ideas and experiences from people from the five continents, with diverse background and approaches, and in the warmest and highest spirited atmosphere in the world: the IE campuses in Madrid and Segovia.

Three members of IE´s Europe and CIS team at the annual meeting in Madrid.

The several workshops included an IE Creativity Seminar with IE professor Hana Milanov, and a mentoring session in the most up-to-date social media trends by IE Marketing Director Carlos Saldaña were part of the agenda, as well as an enlightening presentation of IE’s President and creator, Diego Alcazar, and an inspiring one from our dean Santiago Iñiguez.

At IE, fun is a crucial part of what we do. It is embedded in our DNA, as you may already be aware. During IE’s Annual Meeting it was no different. Apart from the regular training sessions and workshops, wonderful lunches and dinners with delicious Spanish dishes and award winning wines, we also enjoyed exciting social gatherings in amazing locations, such as the Real Madrid’s soccer Stadium, where a private party was held only to us in the middle of the field. Very exciting!

Part of our week was spent at the 13th century campus of IE University, in historical Segovia, one of the five golden cities of Spain, which was recently nominated as a candidate for the European Capital of Culture for 2016. You may have seen pictures of it or been there yourself, since it is known for its impressive and perfectly kept 2000-year-old aqueduct and its romantic Castle, which had been said to be the inspiration for Disney Studios to recreate Cinderella’s Castle. The city attracts millions of visitors each year.

Part of IE University´s historic campus in Segovia

And IE University is right in the middle of it! Surrounded by buildings exhuming history but also modernity, IE´s Segovia campus is a result of an extensive renovation work carried on by IE architects, which mixed the ancient construction with the most contemporary trends.

A dance party was organized on the last day of the annual meeting. It was called the most effective teambuilding activity of the week, since we were captured by all the rhythms or our diverse staff: from Bollywood dance, to Argentinean tango, Brazilian samba, salsa, bacchata, vallenato, sevillanas,  rock, disco, hip-hop, Arabic, and we even tried some steps of the Russian Cossack dances, as well as Japanese, Korean and Chinese moves.

Well, we just wanted to share our wonderful experience with you, hoping that someday you will also be part of this amazing family and fraternity that it is IE!

— IE’s Europe International Development Team