In this picture: Madara Skele, Deise Leobet, Mihails Sinicki and Marcis Dobraj

A small but lively IE group gathered last week at Felini’s, a stylish and fashionable Italian-Latvian Restaurant, in the heart of Riga, to reminisce the old good days at IE. Madara Skele (MIAF), Mihails Sinicki (IMBA) and Marcis Dobraj (IMBA) met International Development Director Europe & CIS, Deise Leobet, in her short visit to the country.

“The year we spent at IE in Madrid were the best of our lives” said Marcis Dobraj, who has been working with real state development projects since he graduated from the IE-MBA. “It was hard work throughout the year, but at the same time so much fun”, added Madara Skele, a top executive for one of Latvia’s top investment funds.

“On the other hand, it is great to be back and apply to our daily lives what we have learned while at IE”, said Mihails Sinicki, who recently launched his own headhunting company and has been working with Baltic and German companies. Congratulations to you all Latvian AAs.

— Deise Leobet