Last week, on the 28.02 an informal dinner was held with IE Alumnus in Kazakhstan. While unfortunately not all the Alumnus could attend the dinner, I was happy to meet Rafique Banday, Baigazy Zhaxylyk, Nika Kurdiani and Ildar Biryukov and put them all in contact with each other for further networking. What was interesting is that even in this relatively small group, I found the diversity that characterizes IE. With me being from Russia, I met Baigazy and Ildar originally from Kazakhstan, Nika who is from Georgia and Rafique from Kashmir. But if I have to go deeper and look at where only these 5 Alumnus (including myself) have worked or studied, I would have to add several more countries: USA, Austria, Germany, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. So, that`s why often when you ask current students or Alumnus at IE where they are from, don`t expect a simple answer. You will hear in many cases “ But, I have lived, worked in …………..”.