On Saturday 29th January, Kim and I participated in both the Access Masters and the Access Masters 1-2-1 fairs in Paris where we met some engaging candidates from Le Hexagon, Les regions de outre-mer such as Guadeloupe or La Martinique, and also further afield from Lebanon, Benin, Morocco, Russia, Mexico, Greece and Spain. Overall the candidates who came to the fairs had already heard of IE and our programmes, and some of them even knew one of the heads of the AA Club in France, Joseph Freiha! Furthermore there was a notable interest in a vast array of programmes in such fields as Architecture, Journalism, Sports Management to Global Environmental Change, and also in studying in both English and/or Spanish.

As always Paris treated us very well, with a very warm welcome from those attending the fair on one of the coldest days of the year.

Thank you all for your interesting questions. We are looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

Alba & Kim