After being on the road for the last two months, meeting many wonderful high schools students all over Europe, I was finally able to be back home, on campus in Segovia, and had a great lunch with first and second year students from our bachelor programs in business administration, communications and biology. I am so proud of them, they are exploring and showing their true potential, growing not just as a professional, but most importantly as a person.

I was especially happy to see one Rumanian student again. When I first met her she was an exceptional student who did not know whether she should study communications, business or law. At the end she decided to study communications and is very happy about it, becoming an amazing and interesting female writer. At one point in our conversation, I asked her what the best and worse thing about IE University was for her. Her answer was very interesting to me, she answered that the best and worse thing about IEU was the focus on business.

For her, she has discovered that her true love lies in writing, she wants to become a writer or a creative journalist, not a political or economic one. Writing for Vanity Fair would be one of her goals. So for her, one of the tracks of the communications program, the track on corporate and business journalism, is of no interest. But she realizes that IEU like no other university is teaching her a very valuable lesson about the world of communication. Although she has no interest in writing about business, she is aware that she will probably have to work or do business with one the few big media corporation or editorials in the world. So yes, business as a subject does not interest her, but how to succeed in the business of communication is a crucial learning for her future.

Marina Tirado Tewes