Last week when I looked at new Financial Times ranking of ExMBA (where our ExMBA has been ranked among the best 10 programs in the world (number 7th worldwide), I was proud to see how well our Alumnus have done in 3 years after the graduation: an impressive salary increase of 144% !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will hardly find it in any other school.
Immediately I thought about another part of post MBA life: less tangible, but not less powerful in order to move up the career ladder: our huge network of Alumnus and great possibilities that it can offer.
During our trips around Europe, we are always happy to meet our Alumnus: people who are very proactive and willing to share their first hand experience with us and with future students at our events.
We would like to thank all Alumnus whom we have met this year.
We look forward to meeting you and new Alumnus during our future trips and hear what is new in your life and in the life of Alumnus` club and bring you the latest news from IE.
Some pictures of our past meetings.