On Friday September 17th, the day before the starting of the famous “Oktoberfest”, 30 IE Alumni gathered at the “Café Reitschule” in Munich to enjoy a three course dinner coached by Sabine Schwind von Egelstein. Sabine Schwind von Egelstein is an expert in personal branding and correct business manners, nationally and internationally. She advises politicians and business executives on their appropriate appearance and suitable behaviour. Furthermore she has been the host of a weekly show on German television.

The dinner coaching session consisted of a theory session presented with a slide show about do’s and don’ts of dining, followed by a practical session. We were also coached on proper small talk in cocktails or lunches and Sabine gave us very valuable tips for business communication. She also shared some curious anecdotes with us and made the session really fun and interactive. A trout fish was served as a main course so that we could put the theory into practice and learn how to eat the fish properly. In order to practice communication skills, three of us were invited to hold a short speech pretending to be the host of the evening.

The event was organized by the “IE German Speaking Club” which extends its membership to Austria and Switzerland, this time members from Stuttgart, Nürnberg and even Vienna came! The atmosphere at the restaurant Café Reitschule of Munich was very pleasant and we celebrated the opening of the Oktoberfest over a beer in the disco of the restaurant….